Lucky Bars to give you Rad Control this Summer

Is it time that you start thinking about what kind of pro trick scooter you want to learn all of your sweet tricks on this summer? It is starting to heat up everywhere around the country and there are many of scooterists like you getting out every chance they get to enjoy the nice weather and start where they left off last season. Are you one of them? Learning new tricks can be fun if you have the right Lucky pro scooter.

Lucky pro scooters are becoming more popular by the day because of their awesome Lucky bars, and Lucky decks that can give every trick it’s own flare. If you are looking to get good at your tricks this scooter rockin’ season, you must check out all of our Lucky pro scooters you can choose from. If you current are in love with the scooter you are riding but want to upgrade to Lucky bars, we have got plenty for you to choose from. The Lucky 7 Bar can be bought in Black Oversized w/ Hic.  Our oversized bars are great to land any trick you have been working hard on.  Though they are oversized, they are light and have a 3 degree back sweep. Because this bar is custom, be sure you do research on this kind of bar and what size you will need. Keep in mind that this Lucky bar comes with a HIC kit.  To view this awesome Lucky pro scooter bar, visit us online here.


Lucky Bars & Pro Trick Scooters for Summertime

Are you ready for scooter season to start? I know that here at Kryptic Pro Scooters, we are. We can’t wait until it heats up outside so you can start working on all of your tricks and flips.  If you are new to the scooter world or aren’t sure where to upgrade your scooter with well trusted parts, know that Kryptic Pro Scooters is a business you can put all of your trust in.  We feature many great pro trick scooters that won’t let you down.  Not only that, but we are offering free shipping on all of our scooters!

Are you looking to upgrade or buy a new pro trick scooter today? We highly recommend our Lucky Pro Scooters to land all of the hardest tricks. With the Lucky bars, and Lucky deck that these pro scooters come stock with, we know you will be able to succeed with your dreams in reach!  Looking for a scooter that was recently released? The Lucky 2014 Limited Edition Scooter is legit. This pro trick scooter is perfect for free styling it. Not only is it a free styler’s dream, but it is a great looking scooter that will catch anyone’s eye.  Want to read more about this newly released scooter, visit us online here.

Want to view a full selection of all of the Lucky Pro Scooters we have available for you? Check us out online now! Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Kryptic Pro Scooters to ask us a question, remember we also can build you a custom scooter of a lifetime!



Lucky Pro Scooters for St. Patrick’s Day

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, the perfect day for you to invest in Lucky products from us at Kryptic Pro Scooters! Being Lucky can help you be a better pro scooterist and give you the boost of confidence you need to land the hardest of tricks. Become one of the Lucky pro trick scooterists today and up your game.

Let’s jump in to being Lucky! The Lucky Pro Scooters we carry are very high quality. They were designed to stand up to both the elite and the beginner level athletes. Because the quality of Lucky Pro Scooters is the highest of them all, they have worked their way up the ladder of fame. They are currently the leading pro scooter brand out there because they focus on giving you the very best.  Their core focus for you as a rider is performance, quality, and design.  Know that when you jump on board with Lucky, you will be receiving a scooter that has unbeatable speed, control and durability.

Lucky has not only full complete pro scooters available, but also Lucky bars, and different varieties of the famous Lucky deck. If you’re looking for a new Lucky deck to ride the streets with, check out the Lucky 2014 Clover Deck in Black.  This deck has an unbeatable degree concave of 4 and is a must have on any scooterists wish list. Don’t fret! If you are in need of Lucky bars, take a look at our Lucky 7 bar that is over sized with HIC. These bars are light and designed to be used on forks with HIC or SCS that are thread-less. What are you waiting for? Become Lucky today!


Sacrifice Pro Scooter Parts

Are you ready to get your training in gear for all of the competitions that will be held this summer? Online at Kryptic Pro Scooter we have the knowledge, pro trick scooters, and parts that you need to become a successful athlete!

Are you looking to upgrade your pro trick scooter with some awesome Sacrifice scooter parts? Why not upgrade your current pro trick scooter with a reliable a Sacrifice scooter part such as the Bennis Graffiti Bar Black? When you order a Sacrifice scooter part such as this bar, we will cut it to whatever width and height you need it without charging you anything extra.  This Bennis bar are our signature bars from pro team rider Ben Thomas. We know that you will absolutely ride your very best with this Sacrifice scooter bar.

Are you looking for some Sacrifice scooter parts that will make your landing a little bit more smooth, definitely check out our wheels! Our Sacrifice 110mm Wheel in Green are a matte machine core finish with a unique deep claw hub design that reduces de-hubbing significantly.  These wheels will be able to last a long time because they are made from a polyurethane outer wheel that allows for super hard wear and tear. Note that this wheel is sold only as one and it includes  Abec 11 Sacrifice hyper bearing and spacers.

Kryptic Pro Scooters invites you to search our entire website for a sacrifice scooter part that is right for you and your pro trick scooter! Please contact us with any questions or suggestions for your scooter anytime!


Sacrifice Scooter Parts For Any Level Rider

Summer is coming! The snow is melting off and the sun is starting to shine. Are you prepared with a reliable scooter that has the best scooter parts that can withstand your daily tricks? Kryptic Pro Scooters is any avid scooterists go to store to get all the reliable brands of scooter parts including brands like Sacrifice and Lucky.

Kryptic Pro Scooters is confident in providing you with the best custom made pro scooter parts for the avid scooter rider. We know that we are your go to store to get the highest quality scooter parts you need to land the hardest tricks in the book. Give yourself a chance and invest in high quality Sacrifice scooter parts and Lucky decks and bars to help you achieve your bad ass trick goals.

So you’re probably wondering by now what kind of Sacrifice scooter parts we carry. We have many different Sacrifice scooter parts that are great for the beginners out there as well as the pros.  If you want to invest in to

some awesome wheels to make the landings of your tricks stick, check out our Sacrifice 110mm Black Wheel. This wheel will be able to last a very long time with it’s super hard wearing polyurethane outer wheel material. The inside of this wheel is a classic matte finish that is made out of machined core aluminum.

If you are more of a Lucky lover, make sure you check out all of the bar and deck upgrades you could upgrade your scooter with. Definitely make sure you’re checking out our featured items including the Lucky 2014 Charm wheels.


Sacrifice Pro Trick Scooters

Do you want to get started in the scooter world the right way? When you come to Kryptic Pro Scooters, you will be able to look through many different pro trick scooters from beginner to elite stages. We carry many awesome brands of pro trick scooters, one of which is Sacrifice.

We have many different Sacrifice pro scooters available on our website, including Sacrifice scooter parts. Currently, one of our most popular Sacrifice scooters, is the Sacrifice FLYTE 115 Complete Scooter in Black. This scooter is Sacrifice’s top of the line scooter. This pro trick scooter is considered top shelf and is for those who only demand the best. The FLYTE 115 comes stock with 115 series deck that has the technology to minimize the flexing and save weight as well as a IHC compression system, cyborg fork, Delta-Core alloy wheels, hyper bearings, nutron 2 bolt clamp, bennis alloy bars, and S-grips. Even with all the great products featured on the FLYTE, this pro trick scooter stays light at 6.5 pounds. If you are ready to view this scooter and purchase it, visit the product page here.

If you are already an owner for a Sacrifice scooter and are in need of new parts, you can view all that you need here. Our Sacrifice products include new wheels, decks, forks and much more! The possibilities are endless at Kryptic Scooters. Go ahead and explore our site to view all of our awesome and unique scooter parts! We know that you’ll find something you would love to have on your pro trick scooter. Please contact us with any questions.


Pro Trick Scooters For Any Expertise


If you want to get into the sport of Scooters, make sure you check out Kryptic Pro Scooters. When you visit our website you will find many different brands of pro trick scooters as well as scooter parts. Many popular brands that we carry include but are not limited to; Grit, Envy, Proto, Sacrifice, Lucky, Dominator, and Tech Deck.

If you are looking for a trusty and reliable pro trick scooter, make sure you check out our Lucky Pro Scooters. When you purchase one of our Lucky pro scooters, it will come with Lucky bars and a great Lucky deck. You can buy any of our Lucky pro scooters for any level of expertise.  If you are beginner, a great scooter for you to check out is our Lucky Clover, Lucky Crew, and Lucky Strata.  With these scooters, they are built with varying skill level but are all designed thoughtfully with great and reliable components.

The Lucky Clover 2014 can be bought in Black for $350. This scooter comes with a reliable Lucky deck, Lucky voodoo bars, SMX fork, clamp, Steely Brake, HIC compression, Speed 7 bearings, Lucky tens 110mm Wheels, and a FSA Orbit CE integrated headset. This scooter weighs in at 7.75 lbs. Many riders are in love with this Lucky Clover Complete scooter.

Go ahead and explore our website to view all of our pro trick scooters that we have for sale! We  know that you will find something to fit your style and experience.  If you have any questions on any scooters, or parts, feel free to contact us anytime!


Strong Lucky Decks

If you are a an avid rider, make sure you check out our Lucky Decks that we have available on our website.  All of our Lucky Decks are strong and reliable! All of our Lucky products are made of high quality materials and were designed to stand the forces of pro and amateur riders. Lucky is a leading brand for design, quality , and performance.  We keep in mind when building all of our Lucky product, durability, control, and speed.   With the three different models of our scooters, Lucky Crew, Lucky Strata, and Lucky Clover, any rider will be able to find the perfect scooter that is right for you!  A great Lucky deck is the Lucky Stinger Deck in Graphite Gray.  This deck is made for the intermediate rider.  With the affordable price, you will find outstanding performance and lasting technology.  This desk concentrates on surface grip and control.  The desk is also treated with heat to avoid stress fractures and torsional buckling.  If you would like to purchase this great and reliable deck, you can visit it’s product page here. If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to email us on our website to ask us any questions!

Integrated Sacrifice Scooter Parts

Krypic Scooters is your number one pro scooter dealer online! We have the best of the best when it comes to scooters. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced scooters for any level. We sell full scooters and all of the parts you would need to build a scooter from the ground up. Parts that are becoming more popular every week are our Sacrifice scooter parts.

One of our newest Sacrifice products is the Sacrifice INTEGRATED Hyper Headset-BLUE. This headset comes with fully integrated and double sealed, heat treated cromo bearing casings. This comes with aircraft grade aluminum top cap, crown race, and compression ring and spacers. You can buy this great Sacrifice product for $34.19.

Another great product made by Sacrifice is the SACRIFICE 110mm GREEN Wheel. This wheel is a matte aluminum finish machined core. The outer wheel is made out of super-hard wearing polyurethane. This wheel is made to last.  When you buy this wheel, you will receive Abec 11 Sacrifice Hyper bearings and spacers. This wheel is $30.88. Remember when purchasing this wheel, it only comes as one wheel.

If you would like to purchase these listed products above you can do so online on their product pages. If you have any specific questions please contact us!

Lucky Pro Scooters for Competition

If you are an extremest, Lucky Pro Scooters is for you. Our focus is on our design and performance using only the best quality available. Our scooters are made for fast speeds, control and ultimate durability. Lucky Scooters makes 3 different models of scooters, which are; Lucky Strata, Lucky Crew, and Lucky Clover.

The 2014 Lucky Crew Complete has just been released and is a great buy.  This scooted is $229.95 and worth every penny.  With HIC Compression , Lucky Steely Brake, Lucky No Nubbins Grips, and Lucky Speed 7 Bearings, this scooter will not disappoint.  Only being 7.25 lbs, it is great for doing any trick in the book.

If you are looking to compete and need a competition ready scooter, the Lucky Clover Complete Scooter is the one to buy. This scooter is on sale from $389.95 to $359.95, saving you $30.00, this scooter has been ridden by many pro riders. The Lucky Clover is one of the most popular and versatile scooters around. If you are looking for a scooted that’s is optimized for high speed and great for high impact scootering, this is your scooter.

Go ahead and explore our website for further information about all the scooters we carry. If you have any questions about our replacement parts, or full scooter lines we carry, give us a call!